Pointer multimeters

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DC voltage measurement
AC voltage measurement
DC current measurement
AC current measurement
Resistance measurement
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M1015B, Pointer multimeter (OBSOLETE)quick view
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M1015B Mastech pointer multimeterquick view
2-4 weeks, 100 pcs.
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Multimeter YX-360 TRn *, pcsquick view
3-4 weeks, 107 pcs.
2 810 ֏
YX-2000A, Pointer multimeter (OBSOLETE)quick view
Master Professional
On request
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from 2 pcs. — 2 340 ֏
YX-1000A, Pointer multimeter (OBSOLETE)quick view
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2 060 ֏
from 2 pcs. — 2 030 ֏

A multimeter is a combined electrical measuring instrument that combines several functions. It is designed to measure voltage, current, resistance, and may also have other options, the list of which varies, depending on the model. Modern multimeters can also be used to perform tasks such as measuring electrical capacitance, testing semiconductor transistors and diodes, measuring inductance, as well as temperature. Multimeters are simply indispensable in the process of repairing digital and electronic equipment.
There are a lot of varieties of multimeters, they can be either a lightweight portable device the size of a phone, and be used for basic measurements and troubleshooting, or a complex stationary device with many functions and capabilities.
According to their device, multimeters are divided into digital multimeters and analog multimeters (pointer).

An analog (pointer) multimeter
consists of a pointer magnetoelectric measuring device (microammeter), a set of additional resistors for measuring voltage and a set of shunts for measuring current. The measurement results are shown by an arrow on the measuring scale.
The assortment includes multimeters of a large number of brands, such as: Fluke, Tektronix, Keithley, Hameg, APPA, Good Will, Mastech, CEM, Uni Trend, ProsKit, Velleman, Aktakom, etc.
Having decided to buy an analog multimeter, contact the Chip and Dip company. We will offer you both more expensive models with the maximum number of different functions, as well as more budget models that allow you to perform basic tasks.

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