Memory cards and flash drives 32 GB

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SDSQUNR-032G-GN3MA, MicroSD card 32GB, Ultra Light UHS-I (100 Mb / s) ...quick view
11 pcs.
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4 420 ֏
from 5 pcs. — 3 810 ֏
SDCS2/32GB, 32GB microSDHC Memory Card Kingston Class 10 Canvas Select Plus A1 ...quick view
271 pcs.
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from 5 pcs. — 1 830 ֏
MICRO SDXC 128GB W/AD. AUSDX128GUICL10A1-RA1 ADATA Memory Cardquick view
6-9 days, 50 pcs.
3 910 ֏

Memory cards are compact electronic storage devices designed for long-term storage of various information. The CP is based on flash memory (sometimes other technologies are used). CPs are widely used in various electronic devices (digital cameras, cell phones, laptops, portable digital audio players, etc.).

Flash drives (flash drives) are storage devices that use flash memory as a carrier. Flash drives are connected to computers or other reading devices via the USB interface.

The main purpose of flash drives is to store, transfer and exchange data, load operating systems, etc.

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