Power supplies (AC-DC converters) are designed to convert alternating mains voltage into direct voltage and are used to power various equipment.

You can buy power supplies in a protective case or without it, on a DIN rail or printed circuit board, with one or more output channels, with a set of protections against short circuit, overvoltage, overheating, overload.

Power supplies may have various additional functions:

  • built-in power factor corrector - allows you to reduce the reactive component of the consumed current and reduce current overloads,
  • the possibility of parallel connection to increase the output power or organize hot backup,
  • remote on/off,
  • voltage drop compensation function along the length of the wire,
  • standby power output,
  • battery charging function for use as a component of an uninterruptible power supply.

The main suppliers of AC - DC converters are:
Mean Well - a wide range of AC - DC converters of various designs, high reliability, competitive price;
Chinfa - inexpensive and high-quality modular power supplies for a printed circuit board and a DIN rail;
Traco Power is a Swiss trademark, represented by highly reliable AC - DC converters of various designs;
TDK - Lambda - high efficiency power supplies for industrial applications;
Irbis - domestic power supply modules in a case on a printed circuit board and an open design on a chassis.

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