Acoustics is the area of propagation of sound waves in the air. At the turn of the last decades, the mechanism of auditory perception of sound has become more demanding on a wide range of sound frequencies. Under the influence of the driving force of evolution, people began to get used to the quality of sound and its power. Here, electronic engineers came to the rescue, surpassing each other in ingenuity, while satisfying the mass consumer. Sound and electronics intertwined into a single whole.

For a high-quality reproducing device, a high-quality sound emitter is also necessary, however, such a choice is available in our assortment, moreover, quite well-known manufacturers such as SENON Audio and MICRON . The woofers and tweeters of the PT 35 A, PT 25 B, DYD 820 B, DYG 5508 models from SENON have proven themselves well in middle-class speaker systems. Models of dynamic heads from the MChP MICRON association are still very popular among audio music lovers. The most popular models, known for the configuration of acoustic systems "S 90", 75GDN-1L, 10GDV-6, 35GDN-1, 30GDN-1 . An independent design of a subwoofer, often, is not complete without the legendary, and affordable, speaker 75GDN-1 . Broadband acoustics manufacturer " RusAudio " is equipped with many models of radios and subscriber loudspeakers. Sound sirens belong to the category of ultra-noisy acoustic emitters.

Sonitron has introduced a range of piezoelectric sirens with fairly low power consumption and a wide range of supply voltages. A powerful sound signal makes it possible to use products in various security systems. Small-sized electromagnetic sound emitters are massively in demand in consumer electronics. I would like to note computer and office equipment, as well as telephony and cash registers. The doubler of pressing the button and the light-emitting diode, signals about the done operation. Models of high-quality emitters are presented by JL World , Sonitron , as well as Russian manufacturers.

A wide range of electret microphone capsules is provided by Jinin and JL World . The choice of a microphone at face value is determined by the following characteristics. A standard size acceptable for a specific seat in the instrument case. The frequency range (Hz) that stands out sharply for the qualitative transformation of the vocal cords. Sensitivity (mV/Pa) is expressed by the required gain of the built-in microphone amplifier, and the operating voltage (V). They are not inferior in quality, even in many respects superior in characteristics, to the capsules of the domestic manufacturer " Octava ", such models as M4-B2 "Pine", MKE-3, MKE-82A-N1-1.

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