Adapters and adapters are transitional devices consisting of two connectors of a different (or identical) type connected directly or through a cable of short length to each other. When using adapters with identical input and output connectors, they can be used to connect two identical cables into one longer cable. By type, they are divided into computer, high-frequency, and Audio and Video.

Computer adapters
are designed to match digital devices with different connectors that have a single or similar data transfer protocols. They are used to connect peripheral devices (printers, scanners, monitors), control devices (keyboards, mice, etc.) to computers and to connect to data networks. Also, these adapters can be used to connect portable and stationary computing devices to each other.

High-frequency adapters
are used to connect radio-frequency receiving and transmitting devices with an antenna, connecting radio-frequency units to each other, connecting measuring equipment (generators, oscilloscopes, analyzers) to high-frequency receiving and transmitting equipment.

Audio and Video adapters
are used to match various connectors in consumer and professional audio and video equipment, to combine signals when it is necessary to share stereo and mono equipment, connect several devices to one source, etc. There are also models of adapters that allow you to connect devices with structurally different connectors, but identical in signal type.

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