Adhesive tape, electrical tape


Adhesive tape, electrical tape. Traditionally, one of the most important materials for an electrician and repairman is electrical tape . This material provides wire insulation during a variety of installation and repair work in the field of electrics, and allows you to quickly and reliably insulate live wires or restore damaged insulation on the cable. The various colors of the electrical tape allow it to be used as a marking element for identifying different signals and distinguishing them from each other.

Adhesive tape, adhesive tape. They are fastening and protective materials for winding or coating insulation of various surfaces during construction work and for product packaging. For the convenience of coating with adhesive tape, its thickness varies from 6 to 55 mm, and the adhesive layer can be applied on one or both sides. In this case, it performs the functions of an adhesive connection and can be used in the installation of radio-electronic equipment and in construction.

Adhesive fastening systems are used to replace hanging elements, hooks or wall hangers, or as their modern version. A feature of these devices is the possibility of their urgent dismantling by precise impact on their adhesive layer. In addition to non-separable connections, there are wall fasteners that allow you to change the object fixed to the wall, using the fasteners fixed to the wall and on the removable object as necessary. The main supplier of modern adhesive tapes, adhesive tapes and adhesive fastening systems is 3m.
Adhesive legs
and movement elements for furniture (sliders) are produced by UNIBOB.

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