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Arduino is an open source electronic platform based on simple hardware and easy to use software. Arduino boards are designed for the rapid development of electronic applications for beginners and professionals. The Arduino development environment is designed for programming by beginners, the programming language is similar to C ++ supplemented with some libraries. Arduino and Arduino-compatible boards are designed in such a way that they can be supplemented with new components if necessary.

Currently, there are many expansion boards from simple ones designed for prototyping, to complex ones designed for motor control, wireless access boards, sensor boards, etc. Arduino is not just an electronic designer, but a unique development tool that will allow your computer to go beyond the virtual world into the physical one and interact with it. Arduino boards are widely used in robotics, they can receive information about the environment using various sensors, as well as control actuators. You can buy original boards, compatible boards or clones. The price of Arduino boards depends on the functionality, the quality of the components used and the build quality.

The most famous brands in the production of Arduino compatible boards and expansion modules are the following companies: Arduino , ArcBotics , Cubietech , DFRobot , Digital Angel , Embest , Innoexp , Maxbotix, MaxStream, mikroElektronika, Olimex, Pololu, Raspberry, Seeed Studio, Sparkfun, SpringRC , Waveshare.

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