Cable line control devices are industrial devices designed to improve the reliability of installation and operation of wired data transmission systems and power voltage.

Measuring bridges and reflectometers
are devices that allow you to determine the distance to the point of change in resistance by sending and receiving a signal of short duration, followed by analysis of the response time. Allows measurement of voltage, resistance, capacitance, ohmic asymmetry and distance to insulation fault by bridge method. They also include devices for monitoring the level of attenuation of the signal in the cable, measured by the method of pulsed reflectometry.

Diagnosis of xDSL, E1,
TF lines is performed by flow analyzers and line testers that count the number of errors in flows and calculate error rates. They allow to carry out both numerical and graphic control of the data flow on the instrument screen.

Line defect detectors
are instrumentation consisting of a source of high-frequency signals and a selective receiver tuned to the frequency of this source. They allow you to determine at a distance from a few mm to 1-2 meters the place of a cable break or damage on the route by changing the signal level.

Cable testers
are multi-channel devices for determining the order of desoldering conductors in signal cables, the mutual influence of signals inside the cable on each other, as well as a break or short circuit between cable cores. Structurally, it can be similar to a trace defect detector and consist of a signal source and a signal receiver, in addition to which it has a signal parameter analyzer. Also, this group of devices includes devices for sound monitoring of the state of the line and data transmission over telephone lines, repair phones.
The largest manufacturers of equipment in the field of monitoring cable lines are FLUKE and SvyazPribor.

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