Cable lugs, terminal blocks and terminals are connecting elements that ensure the reliability of cables in demountable connections, their mechanical strength, ease of connection to the device and minimal electrical losses in the connection.

are issued with a section from 0.25 to 50 sq.m. mm, for crimping one or two wires at the same time, with a color indication of the section (each color corresponds to a certain diameter of the tip tube). TML power ring tips and KIZ end caps also belong to the tips. Major producers are ITC and KSTerminals.

Terminal blocks
are input devices designed for quick connection of signal and power cables to devices using screw and lever contacts. They differ in the pitch of the contacts, the cross section of the connected conductors, the type of connection to the carrier, the design, etc. Along with terminal blocks for conductors, there are block terminal blocks in which the conductors are fixed by screw fastening or soldering, and the sides are connected to each other by latches. The main manufacturers of terminal blocks are Degson Electronics , Deca Switchlab , CONTA-CLIP .

- contact elements designed for detachable connection of conductors and terminal blocks or screw terminals, as well as for detachable and permanent connections of conductors to each other. The main types of terminals: terminal type O, terminal type U, terminal type C, knife terminal, petal, coupling, terminal on the block and others. Major manufacturers of terminals: Cirmaker Industry, KSTerminals, ITC. For mounting the terminals, in addition to soldering, a crimping tool is used - crimpers.

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