Battery chargers are a type of electronic devices that charge batteries used in various portable, household and automotive applications. Charger models presented by Russian and foreign manufacturers differ in their power and classification.

One of the types of sources for replenishing energy lost during battery operation includes low and medium power products - chargers for nickel and lithium batteries . When choosing a device, you should pay attention to the main technical parameters, the features and additional options of which determine the price of the product. Devices differ from each other in the number of seats for rechargeable batteries, battery sizes, charge time and manufacturer. Most chargers are equipped with additional high-capacity batteries, some are equipped with adapters for using the device in a car. Individual products such as VARTA LCD, PB 60-BC 4, VLE 4, Ansmann Energy XC 3000 have a multi-functional LCD display that indicates the status and charging process of the batteries. Each of the chargers has protection against polarity reversal of installed batteries, protection against accidental installation of conventional batteries, overcharge protection.

The class of products of medium and high power includes chargers for lead-acid batteries of different capacities, power, determined by the charging current, and charge voltage. Products carry out the charging process of lead-acid car batteries, as well as sealed batteries, widely used in household appliances and children's toys, with a voltage of 6V, 12V, 24V. The price of the product depends on its production capabilities, as the manufacturer confirms with confidence. Each charger is able to fully charge the battery, indicate the process and the end of the charge, is equipped with electronic protection against polarity reversal and overload.

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