Connectors. One of the most important properties of the organization of modern radio equipment is its modularity, expressed in the fact that individual blocks are connected using mechanical connector elements that allow for quick collapsible connection or disconnection of the system, while preventing the elements from being disconnected at the wrong time.

The main points in the use of connectors are the correct selection according to the method of fastening to the cable: from fast, but not very reliable fastening with a screw or wrapping, to slow, but most reliable fastening by soldering, or no less reliable, but requiring a special tool, fastening by crimping.

Connectors with a wide range of attachment wires may have several contact options used with the same housing. Connectors with the same design may have different contact densities or pin spacing, and this must be taken into account when selecting a connector.

The price of connectors can vary not only depending on the brand, but also in the presence of additional functions (for example, a screen) or the use of coatings that increase the service life of the connector. The largest connector suppliers are: NEW CENTRESS , TYCO , Zhenqin, Connfly , Molex , Hirose Electric , Dragon City , Shengyih .

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