Current clamps, wattmeters


Current clamps, wattmeters. They are devices whose main purpose is to measure electric current without breaking the electrical circuit and disrupting its functioning. You can connect clamps to both insulated and bare wires. Most importantly, only one bus should be covered. Ergonomic body allows you to perform all the necessary manipulations with one hand.

Current clamps, wattmeters - this is a large group of devices with which you can measure the values of direct and alternating current, direct and alternating voltage, resistance, frequency, temperature. As a rule, current clamps also have all the functions of a multimeter, which allows them to be additionally used for testing circuits and testing diodes.

Current clamps are divided into ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, phase meters, ampervoltmeters.

Current clamps consist of:
an openable spring-loaded magnetic circuit, on which a multi-turn coil is put on,
a reading device, which, depending on the model, can be either a pointer or an electronic device with a digital pointer,
range and function switch, output connectors, for connecting measuring probes.

The assortment includes a huge selection of current clamps, wattmeters, differing only in functionality. You can always buy the device you need from such well-known brands as: Fluke, APPA, CEM, Uni Trend, Mastech, Testo , etc.

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