According to their device, multimeters are divided into digital multimeters and analog multimeters (pointer).
In a digital multimeter, measurements are displayed on a liquid crystal display as digital values. This eliminates errors when taking readings, and also ensures ease of use of the device. The simplest digital multimeters have a digit capacity of 2.5 digital digits. The most common devices are those with a 3.5-digit capacity (an accuracy of about 1.0%). There are also slightly more expensive devices with a digit capacity of 4.5 (accuracy is usually about 0.1%) and much more expensive devices with a digit capacity of 5 digits and higher. The digit capacity of a digital meter, for example, "3.5" means that the meter's display shows 3 full digits, with a range of 0 to 9, and 1 digit with a limited range. That is why digital multimeters are by far the most popular and common.
In an analog (pointer) multimeter, the measurement results are shown by an arrow on the measuring scale. Analog multimeters more clearly display dynamically changing measured values.
The range includes multimeters of a large number of brands, such as: Fluke, Tektronix, Keithley, APPA, Good Will, Mastech, CEM, Uni Trend, ProsKit, Testo, etc.
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