A fan is usually called a device for the forced movement of gaseous mixtures, most often air. Almost all fans can be conditionally divided into two groups - exhaust fans and supply fans. Although this classification is very conditional, and belonging to one or another group is determined only by how the fan is installed in the equipment.

According to the design, axial, radial and tangential fans are distinguished. The most common are axial fans, in which the blades are located on the fan rotor, and the air flow is directed along the rotor axis. In radio electronics, a radial fan is also quite common, arranged according to the "squirrel wheel" principle. The use of radial fans allows you to save about 20% of electricity, and also make them less “noisy” than axial radiators by reducing the speed. In addition, fans are divided into DC and AC fans, according to the number of blades, according to the shape of the frame in which the mechanism with the blades is installed, and also according to the type of bearing used.

The most common types of bearings in fans are rolling bearings, sliding bearings , as well as magnetic levitation and VAPO bearings. The most famous manufacturers of fans for electronics are Evercool, Sunon, Jamicon .

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