Fuses (fusible inserts) - elements of protection of electronic equipment, as well as the supply network from various emergencies that occur when equipment fails. The electrical fuse is an integral part of electronics protection. The most popular of them are fusible, glass or ceramic, fuses.

Fuses are divided into groups according to technical and design data. The length and diameter of the housing must correspond to the seat in the holder on the board or in the safety block. The operating current must correspond to the current consumption of the power source from the mains, as well as the current consumption of the load, when the fuse is installed at the output of the source, the operating voltage - to the corresponding voltage of the supply source.

Fuses are divided into glass and ceramic, and according to their seats: standard (cylindrical), wire (for soldering into mounting holes), knife-edge (for specialized holders). To protect the supply circuits of autoelectronics from short circuits, fast-type auto-fuses are used, the choice of which is made according to the rated operating current. In modern designs of microelectronics, a Chip-SMD fuse is used as a protective element, a surface-mounted component, which is characterized by its size and rated operating current. One of the newest protection elements is a self-resetting fuse, which is able to protect the device not only from overload, but also from overheating.

Bourns quality products have proven themselves in the protection circuits of computer equipment, car electronics and telephony. A similar principle of operation of a fuse is a thermal fuse - one of the leaders in the protective device of household appliances.
Transformers, irons, electric kettles, heaters, heat guns and guns, and many other electric heaters, this is not the whole list with the protective element used - a thermal fuse.

When buying, you should consider its maximum operating current and rated operating voltage. For the convenience of planting a fuse in electronic devices, various holders are used. Among them are holders mounted on a printed circuit board, both open type and protective type, fuse blocks mounted on the body of the device, wire holders used in auto electronics, as well as multi-position fuse holders used in multifunctional power devices.

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