Heat-conducting materials, insulating sleeves. To ensure the normal operation of powerful semiconductor devices, radiators and coolers are used. However, in many cases, electrical contact between the heat sink and the semiconductor device is undesirable. For their separation, organosilicon substrates are used.

Heat-conducting substrates are produced in the form of sheets of various sizes, as well as in the form of silhouettes of semiconductor devices, according to the shape of their base or contact surface. Some substrates, for ease of use, have a sticky layer. Possessing high thermal conductivity (1W/m*K), the substrates have a very high electrical resistance (100,000 GOhm/cm), reliably isolating the semiconductor from the radiator.

Insulating grommets are made of polypropylene, and are designed to fix electrical components to a conductive chassis or metal dashboard without electrical contact with it. The bushings have a bore diameter of 2.6 and 3.1 mm, and are optimized for fastening semiconductor devices in TO220 packages.

Thermal grease is an organosilicon thick composition designed to provide reliable thermal contact between a heat sink and a semiconductor device. In addition to slow-drying pastes (which retain their viscosity for several months and even years), there is a heat-conducting drying compound that, after a few hours, forms an elastic heat-conducting rubber-like polymer that, in addition to heat transfer, fills the volume and acts as a sealant when creating electronic circuits and microassemblies.

Thermal pads are another type of connector that performs the function of transferring heat without electrical contact between components.

Thermal tape is designed for thermal insulation of components during the repair of printed circuit boards. It withstands heating up to 800 degrees, which allows high-temperature heating without risk to delicate radio components.

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