Indicators and displays are devices for displaying alphanumeric information, as well as various graphic symbols. One type of information device is the OLED indicator, an organic LED display. A group of representatives of this class from Winstar

have high color reproduction, low power consumption, high contrast ratio and large viewing angle of 180°. The scope of color displays is MP3 players, car radios, cell phones, digital cameras. LCD displays are displays based on liquid crystals. NEC TFT panels are equipped with LED backlight, high brightness and contrast ratio, fast response time, large viewing angle, easy to use, high quality and reliable design. LCD graphic indicators are devices for outputting information to a liquid crystal display (module). The product line of MELT and Winstar manufacturers is equipped with built-in controllers with low power consumption, LED backlight, low supply voltage, 3V ... 5V, which allows the devices to be used in various self-powered electronics. When buying, you should take into account the dimensions of the module, the type of controller, the number of lines and points per line, and the supply voltage.

Digital segment indicators are designed to display the output of alphanumeric information in electronic devices. Betlux and Kingbright models of well-known manufacturers are used in a wide range of digital electronics. The most popular and in demand are seven-segment indicators, which, in turn, have different technical parameters, which should be taken into account when selecting a component. Scheme of switching on the positive bus with a common cathode or anode, the number of bits (1.2, 3.4, 5), the color of the glow (yellow, green, red, blue). A feature of 14 and 16 segment indicators is the installation of components in equipment to display the necessary additional alphabetic information.

Sign-synthesizing LCD indicators are alphanumeric modules that include controllers and liquid crystal displays. The features of the modules from Data Vision and Vinstar are a built-in controller with bilingual firmware (Russian/English), low power consumption, LED backlight. MELT modules have software-switchable character generator pages with an additional alphabet (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and English). Products are controlled via a parallel interface with data recording in RAM. The choice of the required indicator is made according to its parameters.

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