Inductive Components


Inductances are circuit elements of electronic devices with frequency-dependent characteristics. Inductors are used as power filters, oscillatory circuits of transceiver devices, switching voltage stabilizers, as storage chokes, voltage level converters. Structurally, inductors are divided into output and SMD, for surface mounting. The two main characteristics of this component are determined by the inductance rating and the allowable operating current. The compactness and reliability of SMD components has increased the production of popular step-up voltage converters used in low-voltage portable microelectronics and LED flashlights.

Due must be given to the B 82464 G (Epcos) series. One type of inductor is a choke, which is connected in series with the load and acts as a noise suppression filter. Structurally, chokes are made with a single or double winding, on ferrite, transformer steel or a single wire segment with ferrite barrels, as well as output and SMD, for surface mounting.
The features of each inductor depend on its design characteristics, winding inductance rating, rated voltage, rated current.

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