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Visible spectrum LEDs are light-emitting semiconductor devices, the popularization of which is beyond competition in the lighting market. Numerous range of LED products from well-known manufacturers Betlux, Kingbright, Cree , Proton, CJSC "Optogan" divides the mass of products into types and groups, which in turn determine the power, design, and color of the glow.

The most common are round LEDs, which have long taken root in the production of various lighting devices. Super-bright white LEDs in portable flashlights have long replaced voracious incandescent lamps, LEDs with a large dispersion angle are indispensable in street advertising, New Year's garlands, stained-glass and shop window lighting, road signs, electronic displays, medical and measuring instruments, this is not a complete list of the use of round LEDs . A list of basic parameters will help you choose the necessary component: glow color, wavelength, lens size, visible solid angle of glow, light intensity, operating current and supply voltage.

Chip-SMD LEDs are surface-mounted ceramic LEDs, a modern type of products with a large dispersion angle, widely used in portable microelectronics for backlighting keyboards and displays, as well as for the manufacture of LED strips and lighting lamps. These components are characterized by their size, glow color and luminous intensity, which must be taken into account when selecting from the catalog.

Piranha LEDs, despite their poisonous name, have many positive characteristics. Large dispersion angle, due to the lens design, rigid design with four leads, which performs reliable mounting on a printed circuit board, high brightness of the crystal, longer service life. These characteristics are characteristic of the use of Piranha LEDs in auto electrics, outdoor advertising light boxes.

Betlux 's high power LEDs have characterized themselves as bright light sources for luminaires and spotlights, and are an alternative replacement for fluorescent and halogen lamps.

White LED modules manufactured by CJSC Optogan are characterized by a matrix assembly of many individual elements connected in series/parallel to each other, creating a powerful light source, indispensable in industrial and architectural lighting. The parameters of the modules depend on their configurations (square or rectangle), the number of included elements, the maximum operating current, the angle of dissipation, the supply voltage, the color of the glow (cold or warm).

A variety of LED matrices are light strips, scales . The plastic rectangular case of the linear scale is divided into sectors, a line of LEDs placed in them, emit direct light through frosted output windows. Such designs have successfully proven themselves for building LED indicators of the output power of low-frequency amplifiers, for example, the product type DC -7 G 3 HWA .

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