Power supplies for LEDs


LED power supplies are specialized LED lighting power supplies designed to meet lighting regulations. When designing sources, special attention is paid to such characteristics as power factor, energy efficiency, ripple level.

High-power power supplies mainly have a built-in power factor correction, indoor lighting sources have increased requirements for the current ripple factor, outdoor lighting sources have an IP 67 degree of protection and a wide temperature range. In order to save energy consumption, it is important to use dimmable power supplies.

Different applications may require either a constant current source or a constant voltage source. Current regulated LED power supplies provide a constant output current ranging from the minimum to the maximum output voltage. Sources with voltage stabilization form a constant output voltage at a load current that does not exceed the maximum allowable value. Some power supplies have a combined stabilization mode, while voltage stabilization is carried out until the nominal current value is reached, and with a further increase in load, the output current is maintained stable.

To buy a power supply, determine the number and type of LEDs, the connection scheme, power supply parameters, the required power of the source, taking into account the recommended margin of 30-35%, the need for additional functions.

A wide range of AC - DC and DC - DC drivers for LEDs is represented by the main suppliers: Mean Well , Aimtec . The products are distinguished by high reliability, competitive price, and a variety of design options.

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