Measuring tools - to control the dimensions and some other parameters in the manufacture and repair of equipment, various measuring tools are needed.

Roulettes, rulers, measuring tapes
are the main tool for controlling the dimensions of products, the distance between them and marking workpieces according to linear dimensions. Roulettes are produced for lengths from 1 to 50 meters, from metal and polymer tape, with measurements in metric (meters, centimeters) and English (inches, feet) systems. For convenience, the roulettes have a travel lock and a clip-suspension. Steel rulers are available in lengths from 100mm to 1m, made of stainless steel, and allow marking blanks with the help of scribers, or cutting sheet blanks with a knife or scalpel without damaging the ruler. Measuring wheels (curvimeters) allow you to quickly and accurately measure distances (distance) on an uneven surface by the number of wheel passes, with a total distance of up to 10KM and providing an accuracy of 0.01M.

Vernier calipers, depth gauges, micrometers
are devices of increased measurement accuracy designed to measure linear dimensions, diameters and depths of holes with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, with reading on a measuring ruler or on a mechanical or electronic digital display.

Levels, goniometers
- ensure the accuracy of alignment or parallelism of marking lines during construction or repair work, have a bubble sensor and a linear or electronic reference scale.

Levels, theodolites
- geodetic instruments that allow you to measure the magnitude of horizontal and vertical angles during construction and geodetic surveys. Laser levels project vertical and horizontal laser lines, forming a "laser cross", for calculating angles and markings during repair and construction work.

are mechanical geared wheel devices for fixing an event (pressure) by adding a unit to the display scale. They have a maximum number of clicks of 9999 or 99999, after which they are reset to zero. They can be used in counters of the number of turns, revolution counters, and can also be used for personal counting of visitors in cinemas, sports fields, counting pieces of objects when inventorying products or when accounting for transport, etc. The counter readings can be reset by pressing the button.

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