Debug boards ( Evaluation boards ). Usually, these are printed circuit boards with a microcontroller installed on it with all the standard bindings it needs. The following are also installed on the boards: communication circuits with a computer, wiring for connecting expansion boards, a breadboard area for mounting user application circuits. When a new debug board is released, the manufacturer also releases the corresponding expansion boards, for example: ROM, display, keyboard, sensors, interface converters, transceivers, video cameras. In addition to educational purposes, the boards are widely used in small-scale production as embedded control boards. The price of the debug board depends on the functionality. You can buy debug boards and expansion modules in sets or separately, depending on the desired functionality.

The most famous brands in the production of evaluation boards and expansion modules are the following companies: Atmel , Digilent , Embest , Freescale , Future Technology , IAR Systems , Microchip , mikroElektronika , Olimex , Seeed Studio , ST Microelectronics , ST Microelectronics , Texas Instruments , Waveshare .

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