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An oscilloscope is a radio measuring device that can be used to solve any tasks of observing (research, recording) and measuring the parameters of an electrical signal.

According to the signal processing method, oscilloscopes are divided into groups: Analog and Digital. One significant limitation of an analog oscilloscope is that it can only display real-time waveforms. There may be a problem when trying to stretch or scale waveforms. The digital oscilloscope uses other methods to process the input signal. Such a device completely removes the restriction of displaying only in real time, and stretching and scaling the waveforms do not cause any problems. It is also possible, along with recording and storing data about the input signal, to also perform its mathematical processing. For digital oscilloscopes, the image is displayed as a finished picture. For analog oscilloscopes, the screen is a cathode ray tube with an electrostatic deflection.

According to the number of input channels, oscilloscopes are divided into single-channel and multi-channel. For example, a two-channel oscilloscope has two connectors for connecting signal sources. Accordingly, when two sources are connected, two graphs are displayed on the screen, by which you can navigate by comparing the signals with each other or with a reference graph.

According to the mode used, the sweeps are divided into automatic and standby. Oscilloscopes with automatic sweep are divided into universal (conventional), high-speed, stroboscopic, memory and special. Digital oscilloscopes combine the ability to use different functions at the same time.
Bandwidth defines an oscilloscope's primary ability to measure an input signal - the maximum frequency range over which an accurate measurement can be achieved.

According to the type of execution, oscilloscopes are divided into desktop (stationary) and portable (used when it is necessary to move from one place to another or there is a power supply limitation). You should also pay attention to the possibility of increasing the functionality of the oscilloscope with the help of additional accessories in the form of application programs, various probes (passive, active, differential, high-voltage, current), as well as software and interfaces (USB, GPIB, RS-232, LAN)

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