PC-based devices and accessories


PC -based instruments are instruments that can be used to set up a low-cost virtual laboratory. Using virtual instruments, you can turn your computer into a universal measuring instrument. It is enough to connect an external module to the computer or connect a small board through a free slot, install the software and you have at your disposal a full-fledged measuring device with a large screen, user interface, wide measurement capabilities, as well as the ability to store and process the information received.

Virtual devices in the form of application programs have all the necessary intellectual properties, allow you to implement all the functions of traditional devices. Also, PC-based devices can significantly save not only the money needed for the purchase, but also the space on the desktop. Also, PC-based instruments allow the user to be mobile. You can take the device with you along with a portable PC.

Chip & Dip's product range includes a huge number of PC-based devices. By contacting us, you can always buy a virtual device from leading brands such as: ZETLAB, AKIP, KEYSIGHT, HANTEK .

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