Protection devices are able to ensure reliable operation of electronic household and industrial equipment from the effects of impulse noise in the network, voltage drops and surges. One type of protective element in an electrical circuit is a gas discharger that acts as a "jumping" voltage stabilizer. This function is performed by a gas arc between two sealed electrodes during a voltage surge, as a result of which, its resistance increases, while protecting the load. A number of models of this product in two and three-pin packages are presented by Bourns, Epcos, Citel.

To protect the power supply input of the equipment, a varistor is often used, which is installed in parallel with the load. When the mains voltage is thrown, the resistance of the varistor decreases sharply, and all the current passes through it, while protecting the equipment. The model range of varistors is represented by the leading companies Joyin, Epcos, Fenghua, Progress .

Switching power supplies are successfully protected by thermistors, which are connected in series to the power circuit, limiting the maximum charging current of the storage capacitor, the thermistor prevents the effect of increased voltage on the load. The component is marked on the case, where it is indicated: its type, diameter, resistance at 25°, maximum operating current.

One way to get rid of various interference coming from the network is to use an EMI filter. The line of products presented by Epcos, Murata, Ferrico, Jianli is a guaranteed safe operation of your equipment. Filters are built into the input of the device in series with the power circuit. Characteristics are indicated on the body of the product, in most of them, the wiring diagram. Since the main part of the electronics is powered by an alternating current network, cases of overloading the electrical network from a large number of electrical appliances and equipment are not excluded.

Automatic circuit breakers from the manufacturer Sang Mao will help to disconnect the load from the network in time in case of overload or short circuit. The machine can be installed both in the switchboard and in the body of a large-sized product. When buying a product, you should pay attention to its characteristics: operating voltage and operating current.

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