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Relays are electromagnetic or semiconductor devices for switching high power signals with a low power control signal. By typology, they are divided into electromagnetic, reed and solid state relays. This group also includes reed switches, contactors and pads, as well as bases for relays.

Electromagnetic relays
are divided mainly by power (signal and power relays), coil voltage (from 5 to 220V), contact current, contact group (closing, opening, switching) and the number of contact groups. Additionally, among the relays identical in other groups, there may be options for increased efficiency (lower current consumed by the coil) and increased current load (gold or other coatings that increase the wear resistance of the relay contacts and the maximum relay current). Power relays may have additional options, such as indication of switching on by an LED or manual switching of contacts with a button. The main manufacturers are TTI and Tyco .

Reed relays
are a special type of electromagnetic relays in which the contact group is located inside a sealed tube on which the control coil is located. This design makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the relay and its service life due to the fact that the closing-opening process takes place in a vacuum. The disadvantage of these relays is a smaller number of contact groups (maximum two) and a lower switching power (up to a few amperes), which makes this device mainly signal, not power. Reed relays in most cases are mounted by soldering on a printed circuit board. Structurally, some of them are identical to integrated circuits in DIP or SIP packages. The main manufacturers are TTI and Start .

Reed switches
are magnetically controlled contacts identical to those used in reed relays, designed to control a constant magnetic field at a distance, in most cases in automation devices and security systems. Reed switches have one group of contacts for opening, closing or switching to current from hundreds of milliamps to units of amperes at voltages from units of volts to 250 volts. Reed switches for security systems can be placed in plastic cases for ease of installation, and are equipped with magnets for operation in similar cases. The main manufacturers of TTI and RZMKP .

are powerful electromagnetic devices for switching electric current signals, with voltage pulses of 220V (in some cases 12 or 24). They can simultaneously switch one, two or three phases of electric current. They are distinguished by increased maintainability, for which their design consists of several modules: a contact group, coils (including those for different voltages) and a core (consisting of moving and fixed parts). Along with electromagnetic contactors, there are now solid-state, which is a block of several solid-state relays. The main manufacturers are Electrocontactor and Epcos .

Solid state relays
are signal or power optoelectronic devices based on an optocoupler, an input circuit with an LED and a voltage stabilizer that expands the range of input voltages and an output circuit consisting of a powerful power semiconductor thyristor, field-effect or bipolar transistor. Depending on these elements, a solid state relay can be ac or dc current (or voltage) driven and a switched dc or ac circuit. Additional indication of operation on solid-state relays is made by switching on a red LED in parallel with the input.
Low power solid state relays can be integrated, DIP or SIP housings, medium power in TO3 and TO220 housings, including those with an integrated heatsink. High power solid-state relays have their own modular housing-unit with screw connection of input and output circuits and mounting in a specialized radiator-cooler.
The main manufacturers of high power solid state relays are Proton and Crydom , medium power relays are Cosmo and Crydom , low power relays are Proton and International Rectifier .

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