Resonators and filters


Resonators and filters are electronic components of radio engineering devices, as sources of a stable frequency.
Quartz resonators are used in a wide range of oscillators where a fixed frequency is required, transceivers, frequency synthesizers, clock electronics, radio bandpass filters, TV processor circuits.
Structurally, the resonators are made in two types of packages: these are output, in metal, plastic and ceramic packages, and SMD, for surface mounting, marked HC-49SM.
When buying a resonator, you should take into account its main characteristic - the resonant frequency, the marking of which is indicated on the component case.

Crystal oscillator , this is a more complex component that has a high-frequency oscillation generator and a quartz resonator in its housing.
The main part of the components is produced in metal four-terminal cases, marked according to the nominal frequency indicated on the product case. Crystal oscillators, as sources of clock pulses, are widely used in various digital radio electronics. Ceramic bandpass filters are used to isolate a certain frequency bandwidth in the UPCHZ channels of the radio channels of TV receivers. The marking and the value of the resonant frequency are indicated on the body of the product.

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