Gas soldering irons and burners


Gas soldering irons and torches are tools for carrying out assembly and dismantling work in autonomous conditions using a combustion flame powered by a propane-butane cylinder built into the tool or connected to it by a hose.

At the same time, three classes of devices differ in operating temperature and type of working surface are distinguished:

  • The lowest-temperature ones are gas soldering irons, which have an operating temperature range of 150 to 400 degrees and whose working surface is similar to the tip of electric soldering irons (copper tip), or is a metal knife (steel tip). They are used for soldering and repair in electronics and electrical engineering, in places where the use of power tools is impossible or difficult.
  • The second class is flameless burning burners; have an operating temperature of 400 to 800 degrees and operate on the principle of propane-butane catalytic combustion. They are an autonomous substitute for hot air guns, and are used for dismantling coatings, shrinking thermotubes and for temperature effects on polymeric materials (bending and pressing plastics).
  • The third type of gas burners are conventional or flame burners. They are divided into tool burners and microplates. The former are used for soldering with high-temperature solder, heating metal during forging and cutting metal with an open flame, and have a working temperature of up to 1400 degrees. The latter are used for heating, lighting and cooking in autonomous conditions.

The most powerful and professional burners are manufactured by BernzOmatic , soldering irons and burners DAYREX and Dremel are well suited for amateur purposes, Kovea camping stove burners are the main ones for tourists, and ProsKit soldering irons and burners are perfect for beginners.

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