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Soldering materials , which include various fluxes, solders with and without rosin, pastes, acids, as well as pure rosin, are designed for all types of soldering operations with any type of soldering equipment.

Solders with rosin are divided by composition, each of which contains a different percentage of tin and lead in its structure, some with impurities of silver, zinc and cadmium, in all cases the presence of a limited amount of rosin. The difference in the compositions determines the melting point of the solders. This type of solder is widely used in the field of electronics and electrical engineering. Lead-free solders containing tin, zinc and copper are high quality materials and are used for low temperature soldering.

Solders without rosin have the same characteristics, but do not have rosin flux in their structure. This solder is used with and without various fluxes for soldering various metal materials, including mounting elements for various electrical equipment.

A huge variety of auxiliary fluxes, pastes and acids facilitates the process of soldering various materials, reproduces high-quality soldering of electronic components, providing the best wetting during the soldering process, tins electrical components, and is used for soldering carbon steels, copper, nickel, aluminum and alloys.

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