Electromechanical switches are used in radio electronics for switching electrical circuits of direct and alternating voltage. The oldest types of switches are toggle switches , the pioneers of which are domestic manufacturers. A reliable mechanical spring-lever device provides a rigid grip of the contact group, which directly affects the quality of the actuator. One of them includes models TP1-2, TV2-1V, PT24, PT26-1 . The toggle switches of the foreign company Jietong Switch are not inferior in quality and parameters to the product line of the KN 3 series.

The category of electromechanical rotary switches includes rotary switches. The switch consists of a switch with a contact group, and a rotary axis with a movable plate switch. The biscuit switches differ in their parameters: the number of positions (positions), the number of contact groups, sections (biscuits), body length. To select the appropriate component, you must be guided by these characteristics. The biscuit-type switches are used in various measuring instruments for switching ranges of measurement limits, in automation systems, electrical control circuits, switching voltage ranges in power supplies, switching low-frequency signals in audio equipment. Popular and inexpensive product models today include Well Buying switches, which are in demand in the consumer market. More high-tech quality and parameters are possessed by biscuit switches of Russian factories, such as P2G3 , PG2 , made in sealed cases and having a high working life.

Rocker switches are a kind of electronic-mechanical network switches that are successfully used in a wide variety of electronic equipment. Key switches are divided according to the main parameters. The name of the product, its colorful photo with an indication of all sizes will help you easily select the appropriate component. In addition to this, you can familiarize yourself with the main characteristics. Operating voltage and permissible current determine the installation of the product in a structure of appropriate power. The number of contact group pairs determines the number of switched circuits of the device. Most of the products offered have a backlight on the end of the device. For example, Jietong Switch's ASW series automotive power switches are equipped with LED backlight, and IRS series household switches are indicated by neon lamps. Structurally made of durable plastic, the products are securely fixed in the mounting socket, the connection is carried out both using contact terminals and by reliable soldering.

Limit switches belong to a group of electrical devices that interact with a movable mechanical lever with a group of switching contacts. The main application of these components is automated industrial control systems for mobile structures. Products from Honeywell and Cirmaker characterized themselves as reliable in performance . These components are made of high-strength material with a roller mechanism of the movable element, are characterized by high switching current, and are easy to mount on the operating panel.

The well-known manufacturing company MEGA-K presents a line of highly efficient inductive switches. Inductive proximity switches are used as sensors for monitoring the position of metal objects. Special applications are industrial machines and automated lines. The choice of the required product is carried out according to such parameters as the sensing distance (mm), the switching circuit of the device, for example, the type of output key PNP-transistor, the method of installation, for example, in a hole for a nut.

The category of switching microcomponents of modern electronics includes DIP switches, which are used for switching and switching low-current control circuits in computer devices, office equipment, household appliances. Structurally, DIP-switches are made in monolithic cases with one or more contact groups, angular or horizontal slide switching. The price of the product depends on the parameters of the switch, as well as on the manufacturer.

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