Thermal imaging equipment


Thermal imaging is the obtaining of a visible image of objects by their own or reflected thermal (infrared) radiation.

Every heated body emits thermal radiation; the intensity and spectrum of which depend on the properties of the body and its temperature. Infrared (IR) radiation is invisible to the human eye, but can be detected by any thermal imaging equipment and converted into a visible image in one way or another.

Also, the device can convert an infrared image into a radiometric one. This allows you to read temperature values from the image. The temperature distribution is displayed on the display (and can be stored in the memory) of the thermal imager as a color field, where a certain color corresponds to a certain temperature. As a rule, the display shows the temperature range of the surface visible through the lens. One of the basic instruments relating to the category of "thermal imaging equipment" - a thermal imaging camera or thermal imager.

A thermal imaging camera or thermal imager is a reliable non-contact instrument that can quickly and accurately scan the temperature on the entire surface of an object, as well as visualize the information obtained.

The key indicators of the thermal imager are:

  1. Image quality or camera resolution. High resolution helps to see, measure and understand what is happening more accurately.
  2. Thermal sensitivity. Sensitivity determines how small temperature differences the camera can detect.
  3. Accuracy. All measurements have an error, in the field of thermal imaging this is of great importance.
  4. Device functions. A set of additional features that expand the functionality of the device.
  5. Additional software

Obviously, depending on the requirements, the same camera may be suitable for solving some problems and be completely unsuitable for solving others. Therefore, if you need to buy thermal imaging equipment (thermal imager or thermal imaging camera), you can always contact our company, where they will help you choose exactly the device that you need. The company's product range includes thermal imaging equipment of such brands as: Fluke, Flir, Testo, komoloff, Cem.

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