The group of devices measuring temperature and humidity can include both combined devices and separate temperature meters.

1. Combined devices or thermohygrometers - temperature and humidity meters (devices that measure temperature and humidity). The content of moisture in the air is one of the essential characteristics of the environment. Where the presence of moisture leads to or influences chemical, physical and biological processes, constant monitoring of air humidity is essential. To determine the amount of moisture, there are two measuring quantities - absolute and relative humidity.

2. Pyrometer - a device for non-contact measurement of the temperature of surrounding bodies. The principle of operation is based on measuring the power of thermal radiation of an object. Measurements are carried out in the ranges of infrared radiation and visible light. Infrared pyrometers are equipped with a laser pointer (for precise targeting). Pyrometers can act as a means of safe remote temperature measurement of incandescent objects, which makes pyrometers indispensable for ensuring proper control in cases where physical interaction with the controlled object is impossible due to high temperatures.

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