Tool kits . The selection of tools for the workshop "from scratch" or for the home is not an easy task, you need to foresee a lot of nuances and not forget anything. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the tool is conveniently stored. And if it is planned to travel outside the workshop for any work, then the issue of its transportation should also be resolved.

You can solve all these problems at the same time - for this you need to buy a ready-made set of tools, while its price will be less than buying it all separately. The sets are formed in such a way that all the main tools for a certain type of work are already thought out in them, this eliminates the need to puzzle over what may be needed. In addition, the set often solves the problem of storing and transporting tools - most of them are supplied in convenient cases or folders. And if you need something in addition, you can always buy it separately.

In the assortment, tool sets are presented in many areas of work, mainly, of course, radio and electrical installation. The main brands are Bernstein, ProsKit - sets of high-quality tools, Gembird - sets that can be bought at a low price, despite this, they will serve you for a long time and will please you with their functionality, reliability and low price.

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