Wires and cables. A huge role in electronics and a key role in electrical engineering is played by wires and cables. Without them, the very existence of any, even the most “advanced” electronic device, is not possible, at least power, at some point, if not constantly, it will have to be connected to it by wire. In general, the electronic, electrical and energy industries are not possible without wires and cables. And in general, and all modern life! Therefore, when buying a wire, you must carefully consider its choice. Hurry - you can buy a wire, seeing that it has a low price, but it will not meet your technical requirements. Another situation is also possible: the wire is too “fancy” for some applications. For example, it is completely redundant to lay a telephone network with a twisted pair cable of the 6th category, of course it will not be worse from this, but why overpay so much?

The main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing is the type of cable: coaxial cable, twisted pair, acoustic, power, etc. The second is the electrical and physical characteristics of the cable, frequency range, cross section, wave resistance, insulation resistance to electrical breakdown and the environment, etc. Then, having decided on the type and characteristics, you should pay attention to the price, because we have a lot of alternatives for any choice.

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