Keys. Wrenches are one of the most important tools of a repairman and installer. Due to the strong adhesion to the hardware and the significant length of the key compared to its working part (capture), a large applied force is provided, which facilitates the tightening or unwinding of the nut.

Under normal conditions, for a quick change of a key, open-end wrenches are most convenient, having the smallest contact area, but, accordingly, a smaller force applied to the nut. To work with the most tight nuts used wrenches. When working with damaged nuts and, if necessary, to unscrew or screw nuts of a non-standard size, adjustable, adjustable and gas wrenches are used. Specialized chuck wrenches and cable entry wrenches are available for handling large components and for easier handling of jaw chucks.

For convenient selection of the necessary keys in the workshop or in the assembly shop, it is necessary to have a proprietary set of keys or assembled from single keys. At the same time, a branded set is preferable in terms of the completeness of the row, and independently assembled, it allows you to have only constantly used keys in the set. The main key manufacturers of the company: Bernstein , Proskit , Topex, Zubr.

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