Return and exchange

The exchange or return of goods of good quality is carried out by individuals within 14 days after the purchase, if the goods were not in use (not soldered into the board), their presentation, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as a document confirming the fact of purchasing the goods ( article 23 of the RA Law of Procedure), with the exception of: a cellular communication subscriber device *, long goods, namely: wires, cords, cables, film, oilcloth.

*Cellular subscriber devices include routers, tablets, mobile phones, GPS watches, and other devices that support SIM cards

We do not accept returns for products that have custom properties if said product can only be used by the consumer who purchased it.

In the event of the sale to an individual or legal entity of goods of inadequate* quality or the impossibility of delivering the goods within the period specified in the invoice for payment, the Company, at the request of the buyer, performs:

  • replacement with a product of a similar brand (model, article);
  • replacement for goods of another brand (model, article) with a corresponding recalculation of the purchase price;
  • refund of money paid for the goods.

*The same procedure for good quality goods.

The return period for goods of good quality: for individuals - 14 days (Article 23 of the RA Law and Procedure).
For goods of inadequate quality: in accordance with the warranty period of the goods.

If you paid for your order with a bank card on the site or in the application and wish to return the money, your request will be accepted and within 5 banking days the money will be returned to the card on which the payment was made. The cost of shipping the returned goods is paid by the seller.

Claims for the quality of service are accepted to the hotline.

The company "CHIP and DIP" informs that according to Ch. Article 38-43 IV of the RA Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” the consumer has the right to apply for the protection of his violated rights and legitimate interests to the authorized bodies (,as well as to the judicial bodies of the Republic of Armenia.

Procedure for legal entities

Return of goods of proper quality is not made in accordance with Art. 500 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia.
Return of goods of inadequate quality is made in accordance with the warranty period.
The cost of shipping the returned goods is paid by the buyer.

  1. Be sure to contact the order manager
  2. Discuss return issues
  3. According to the results of the agreements of the parties, an application for a refund is written
  4. The application is sent to the manager's e-mail (a color scan is enough)