Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Алюминиевые электролитические конденсаторы

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors occupy a special position among other types of capacitors due to their principle of operation based on electrochemical processes.

These capacitors have a simple design. Two strips of condenser paper are laid between two strips of specially treated aluminum foil and this combination of four tapes is rolled up. The paper, which serves as a separator for aluminum electrodes, is impregnated with an electrically conductive solution. Terminals are connected to the electrodes, forming the active element of the capacitor. It is placed in a cylindrical aluminum housing with a mechanical seal of the terminals.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are widely used due to the following advantages:

  • High specific capacity (capacity per unit volume), which allows the manufacture of capacitors with a capacity of up to 1F;
  • High maximum permissible pulsating current;
  • High reliability;
  • The optimal price/performance ratio.

Capacitors are classified according to the type of installation, where they are isolated:

Mounted installation of THT - radial terminals

Навесной монтаж THT - радиальные выводы

The standard series of general purpose capacitors are JRB from JB Capacitors and B41851/B43851 from EPCOS. The operating temperature range is -25°C...+105°C. The service life is 2000 hours.

The JRK series from JB Capacitors has a miniature housing with a height of 7mm, an operating temperature range of -40°C...+105°C.

The series of radial capacitors with low impedance, JRC from JB Capacitors are designed to operate at high frequencies, have extended operating temperature range from -55°C to +105°C and a failure time of 2000 hours.

With snap-in pins

С защелкивающимися выводами - snap-in

The JNE series from JB Capacitors is a series of general—purpose capacitors with a failure time of 2000 hours. Snap-on terminals make the installation of capacitors the most comfortable, they securely hold the capacitor on the circuit board. The capacitors of the JNE series have miniature dimensions and basic parameters of the operating temperature range from -40°C to +105°C.

A series of low-voltage capacitors from Epcos with a maximum temperature of up to 105°C, standard size, with a high-current ripple capacity, B41252 has a service life of 2000 hours / B41505 with a service life of 5000 hours.

B43504/B43509 of the EPCOS brand are a series of high-voltage capacitors with a maximum temperature of up to 105°C, a service life of up to 3000 hours, compact size, with a high-current ripple capacity.

With screw terminals

C винтовыми выводами

The B41456/B43458 series from EPCOS are compact in size, have outstanding current ripple characteristics, high reliability and extended service life up to 12000h.

For the printing plant, SMD version

Для печатной установки, smd-исполнение

The JCK series from JB Capacitors are aluminum electrolytic capacitors for surface mounting with operating temperature range parameters from -40°C to +105°C and a failure time of 1000-2000 hours.

The installation method depends on the device where the capacitor will be used. It is important not to exceed the rated operating voltage of the electrolytic capacitor. If this rule is not followed, the capacitor will have a significantly shorter service life than stated by the manufacturer. In addition, significant overcurrent is possible in the power supply circuits. Accordingly, for electrolytic capacitors designed to work in such circuits, it is necessary to take into account the maximum current of the capacitor, which also cannot be exceeded.

Detailed technical specifications for the series are presented in the Specifications for capacitors.