IPS LED power supplies from Argos‑Electron


IPS LED power supplies from Argos-Electron

Argos-Electron is a Russian developer and manufacturer of power supplies for LED lighting, LED modules, optical-acoustic sensors, founded in 2009. The range of manufactured power supplies of the IPS series includes more than 250 mass-produced models with power from 15 to 210 W.

Power supplies of the IPS series are distinguished by high technical characteristics and parameters, which allows the use of Argos-Electron products in most modern lighting applications and installations. A wide selection of different modifications of LED drivers is aimed at satisfying a variety of consumer needs, both in terms of technical characteristics and additional functionality.

Among the power supplies of the Argos-Electron company, the following types can be distinguished:

  • IPS power supplies with IP20 degree of protection for organizing indoor lighting.
  • waterproof IP67 power supplies for outdoor use.
  • universal sources IPS-TD , contain a DIP switch, with which the output current level is set from a specified range of permissible values.
  • IPS-TU dimmable sources are used to control the brightness of the lighting system, with a separate dimming channel using PWM, a voltage change of 1-10V or using a variable resistor.

A 5-year manufacturer's warranty is established on the main products of power supplies. All power supplies of the company comply with Russian regulatory documents for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety.