Hot air soldering station Atten ST-862D


In the warehouse "CHIP and DIP" a new supply of soldering stations from the company ATTEN . Introducing the powerful ST-862D hot air soldering station.
Station ST-862D will easily cope with the soldering of almost any SMD component. Thanks to its high power, adjustable temperature setting and airflow rate, the station will quickly and conveniently complete any task.

Soldering Station Features

  • LCD screen for control visualization.
  • Temperature lock, work synchronization function.
  • Temperature calibration controlled by microcontroller
  • Strong airflow provided by brushless fan
  • Automatic sleep function.

Basic parameters of the station

  • Power 1000W
  • Temperature range 100-480°C
  • Air flow setting 1%-99%
  • Temperature units°C/°F (default°C)
  • Airflow 20~130L/min
  • Backup heater cooling function
  • Heating element abnormal condition detection: removal, open circuit and overheating of the heating element
  • Temperature sensor open circuit detection
  • Horn function
  • Temperature compensation ±50°C/±90°F
  • 5 dynamic simulated heating scales
  • Temperature control
  • Airflow regulation
  • 3 temperature/airflow settings for quick selection