B32529 series – MKT type film capacitors for DC circuits

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Capacitors are one of the most popular components in electrical engineering and electronics. Depending on the type of capacitor, the features of its manufacture, the materials used and technical characteristics, the scope of its application and purpose are determined. Therefore, understanding these factors is important for choosing a capacitor when implementing various tasks.

TDK's B32529 series is a series of MKT-type output film capacitors with a polyester dielectric (English: Polyethylene terephthalate, Polyester, PET). The distinctive features of the series are – small overall dimensions (the distance between the terminals is 5 mm), a wide range of nominal capacitance (from 1.0 nF to 4.7 UF), with a rated voltage from 50 to 630 V DC, from 32 to 400 V AC.

Vneshnij vid plenochnogo kondensatora serii B32529Appearance of the B32529 series film capacitor

The capacitors of the B32529 series are manufactured using the technology of stack winding - stacking layers (staked-film technology), which allows you to ensure strictly specified parameters of capacitors and their high accuracy. The plastic housing is filled with epoxy resin (UL94V-0), which increases resistance to mechanical and other external influences, and also allows you to maintain high stability of characteristics during operation of the capacitor. The use of a polyester dielectric makes it possible to provide the following properties of capacitors based on it:

  • Higher specific capacity and operating temperature up to +125°C compared to polypropylene (PP).
  • Lower attenuation, higher resistance to alternating and pulse currents, longer service life and increased stability of parameters compared to aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

The permissible AC voltage of the B32529 series capacitors depends both on the capacitance of the capacitor itself and on the highest frequency of the signal. Using the example of capacitors with a nominal voltage of 63V AC: The Zavisimost' dopustimogo napryazheniya ot chastoty dlya razlichnoj emkostidependence of the permissible voltage on the frequency for different capacitances

It is most effective and expedient to use B32529 series capacitors as a blocking capacitor as part of a high-pass filter to eliminate the constant component (blocking) and transmit only alternating voltage (coupling):

Blokirovka/sopryazhenieLocking / Pairing

The second frequent use is as part of a low–pass filter, which prevents the transmission of alternating voltage, suppresses rapid transient changes and provides the load with sufficient energy.

SHuntirovanie/razvyazka/sglazhivanieShunting / Decoupling / Smoothing

The B32529 series film capacitors have received the greatest use in DC circuits in the following categories of devices: industrial and consumer electronics, computer equipment, power supplies for LED lighting, automotive electronics, etc.

In more detail, the technical characteristics of the B32529 capacitors are presented in the Specifications for the series on the product page.