Microwave motion sensor MW-707 from EKF

Microwave motion sensor MW-707 from EKF

Why is it needed and how does it work

Over the past 10 years, energy tariffs and energy consumption have been steadily growing. This trend is observed in both the civil and industrial sectors. Save electricity and money with a microwave motion sensor.
The MW-707 microwave motion sensor is designed to automatically turn on and off the load when moving objects appear in the detection zone, and also, depending on the level of illumination. It serves to automatically control lighting at industrial and infrastructure facilities, in apartment buildings (entrances), as well as control burglar alarms and electrical appliances. The sensor is able to recognize changes in illumination (change of day and night).

The principle of operation of the microwave sensor

The sensor generates a microwave signal with a frequency of 5.8 GHz and measures the level of its reflection from objects. If the sent and received pulses are different, then there is movement. The circuit is closed, and the lamp, alarm or electrical appliance is activated. After a set time interval, if there is no movement in the sensor's field of view, the circuit opens and the light turns off or dims (if the lamp supports dimming according to the 1-10 V protocol).

The MW-707 sensor from EKF is designed specifically for high ceilings and can be used in warehouses, factories, parking lots, open spaces, hypermarkets, and public places. The degree of protection IP65 means that the model is designed for outdoor use, as well as for installation inside dusty and damp rooms.

The MW-707 can rightly be called universal - it is compatible with all light sources. Thanks to three sealed inputs, it is convenient to connect both individual lamps and groups, if lighting is controlled through contactors. A special bracket allows you to install the sensor both on the ceiling and on the wall at a height of up to 15 m.

The MW-707 EKF PROxima comes with a remote control. With its help, the operation of the sensor is noticeably simplified and cheaper: you can change the set parameters at any time after installation without the use of expensive lifting mechanisms.

Device functionality

  • Load on/off.
  • Load testing.
  • AUTO mode.
  • Sensitivity setting.
  • Setting the dimming level.
  • Setting the load off delay time.
  • Setting the level of operation by illumination.

Each preset is displayed on a separate button - there is no need to waste time on a set of combinations. Thanks to convenient access to all functions, even unskilled personnel can handle the settings. An error in the configuration is easily corrected and does not paralyze the entire system in which the sensor is included.

Features of the microwave motion sensor with remote control from EKF

  • Compatible with 1-10V protocol. There is a function to reduce the brightness when controlled by the 1-10V protocol (the luminaire must support this standard).
  • Security. First, the staff does not need to climb ladders / lifts to adjust the settings. Secondly, the RF power emitted by the sensor is less than 10 mW, which is a hundredth of the power of the waves emanating from mobile phones and microwave beams.
  • 7 years warranty. EKF is the only company in Russia that vouches for the performance of such a device within the specified period.