Power inductors of the B82559 series from EPCOS


Силовые катушки индуктивности серии B82559 от EPCOS

One of the most popular components in power electronics are power inductors - chokes. They are used to suppress interference, smooth out current ripples, accumulate energy in the magnetic field of a coil or core, and to decouple parts of the circuit from each other at a high frequency. Based on this list of uses, a fairly wide set of requirements apply to throttles, depending on their purpose. According to the set of characteristics, the B82559 series throttles from the EPCOS brand have gained popularity among compact throttles (in SMD version) of general purpose.

The key feature of the B82559 series power inductors is their compact design. This low-profile design is based on the technology of spiral winding with a flat wire "on the edge", which allows you to significantly reduce resistance and achieve high values of rated current. In general, the saturation current range at 25°C ranges from 11.5 A DC to 101.5A DC. The B82559 series throttles are designed for use in the temperature range from -40°C to +150°C, which also allows them to be used in one of the most difficult applications – in transport. The presence of an additional contact pad provides additional mechanical stability of the throttle on the printed circuit board.

B82559 series chokes can be used in conversion circuits, PFC circuit (Power Factor Correction, Power Factor corrector) as an output or resonant choke in a large number of topologies - buck, boost, buck-boost, resonant, quasi-resonant, etc. The most typical applications are also PoL converters, DC/DC converters, high-current switching power supplies, base stations and power for them, charging stations, on-board power supply in transport. All ERU series throttles are RoHS-compliant and AEC-Q200 certified.

Features and benefits of the B82559 series

  • Compact size achieved through the use of flat wire.
  • High saturation currents.
  • Low losses.
  • Ferrite core.
  • A large selection of standard sizes.

Detailed technical specifications are provided in the Specification for the required throttle series.