ES9038Q2M audio DAC. New products of our own production


ES9038Q2M аудио ЦАП. Новинки собственного производства

The iconic SABRE SOUND chip in our new ES9038Q2M audio DAC module is designed for high-quality audio playback from a universal digital input. The universal digital input supports playback in SPDIF, PCM 32bit 768kHz, DSD512 or DoP DSD256 modes.

Initialization and configuration via the I2C interface bus.

It is fully integrated into ChipStudio, which allows you to make the following settings:
Volume control
Switching SPDIF inputs

You can enable one of the seven proprietary ESS filters:
linear phase fast roll-off filter
linear phase slow roll-off filter
minimum phase fast roll-off filter
minimum phase slow roll-off filter
apodizing fast roll-off filter (default)
corrected minimum phase fast roll-off filter
brick wall filter
You can turn on any one filter or sort them with a button, resistor or encoder.

The ES9038Q2M audio DAC works in conjunction with standalone controllers and USB transports:
RDC2-0032 with firmware version v0.46,
RDC2-0051 with firmware version v0.86,
RDC2-0051v2 with firmware version v0.16,
RefLex with firmware version v2.1,
RefLex 2.0 with firmware version v2.0.2,
RefLex 3.0 with firmware version v2.0.1

The module can operate in synchronous mode with clocking from Reflex transports or in asynchronous mode with clocking from an external generator.

At the output of the module, fully differential OPA1632 OP amps with bipolar power supply are installed, which is provided by the built-in DC/DC converter TPS65135. Therefore, the module has a fully differential stereo output with an amplitude of 5V.

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