Forceberg Magnets and Magnetic Products


Magnets invisibly surround us everywhere. Big and tiny, of different shapes and strengths – they are needed at home and in the office, in trade and services. In electronics and mechanical engineering, there is nowhere without them at all.

The Russian brand Forceberg offers high–quality magnets and magnetic goods for all needs - from needlework and hobbies to industrial production. In the CHIP and DIP catalog, you will find more than 300 Forceberg product names. A significant part of the range is super–powerful neodymium magnets and products based on them.

Why Forceberg Magnets?

  • A huge selection of magnets of all types, shapes and sizes.
  • The clutch force is up to 880 kg.
  • 100% compliance with the declared brand of the material.
  • The accuracy of the dimensions. For neodymium magnets, the error is not more than +/- 0.1 mm.
  • Thoughtful and durable packaging that protects magnets from accidental splitting.
  • Competitive prices.

We guarantee high quality

Магниты и магнитные товары Forceberg. Высокое качество гарантируем

All Forceberg products are subject to strict inspection. The magnets are checked for compliance with the size and brand of the material, and the kits are also checked for completeness. The power of neodymium and search magnets is measured on a test bench in the Forceberg laboratory.

The main range of Forceberg

Neodymium magnets

>Неодимовые магниты

The most powerful permanent magnets known to man. They are able to withstand a weight 40-50 times greater than their own.
Under normal conditions, neodymium magnets are demagnetized by only 1% for every 10 years. Electroplating is provided for corrosion protection. Or even epoxy-galvanic (double), like the supermagnet "Giant Black Edition".

Ferrite Magnets

Ферритовые магниты

They are made of ceramics combined with metal. Ferrite magnets are 10-15 times weaker than neodymium magnets. At the same time, they are much cheaper, do not rust and can withstand heating up to +280°C. Due to their dielectric properties, they are often used in electronics, radio engineering and automation.

Flexible magnets

Гибкие магниты

Magnetic vinyl materials with packing in tapes, rolls and sheets. Inexpensive, easy to cut, glued to almost anything. Unlike permanent magnets, they do not break, do not crumble, and retain their magnetic properties when bent. They are widely in demand in needlework, souvenir production and advertising printing.

Magnetic fasteners

Магнитные крепления

Suitable as wall brackets. They are optimal for assembling temporary, removable and quick-disassembly structures. Depending on the model, they provide grip up to 27 kg. Possible applications: assembly of advertising and exhibition equipment; suspension of tools; installation of sensors, cameras and lighting.
Magnetic hook fasteners are very popular. Magnetized to metal – and here you have a hanger for clothes, bags or tools. It is convenient to take with you to work or on a trip.

Magnetic holders

Магнитные держатели

They are simply mounted, simplify storage. Versatile and economical, such tools are useful at home and in the country, in the garage and workshop, in the workshop and on the construction site.

Search Magnets

Поисковые магниты

Designed for searching and lifting metal objects from reservoirs, wells, mines and sand pits. The most powerful Forceberg model can hold up to 880 kg of metal at breakaway.
Please note: in Forceberg search magnets, the gap between the body and the magnet is filled with an ultra-thin layer of epoxy resin. This allowed the manufacturer to fit a larger magnetic disk inside. As a result, the working area of the search magnet has increased by at least 10-15% (compared to analogues from a number of competitors).

Magnetic holders for welding

Магнитные держатели для сварки

Magnetic corners are a convenient replacement for tight clamps and clamps. With them, the welder doesn't even need an assistant. It is enough to dock the parts at the right angle – and you can grab them.
Magnetic terminals are also useful for welding. They are much more versatile than crocodile welding clamps. They are attached even to a sheet, even to a round pipe and, in addition, do not scratch the metal at the point of attachment. Suitable for all types of welding machines.

Telescopic magnets and pickers

Телескопические магниты и сборщики

Telescopic magnets will help to remove nuts, screws and small iron objects from hard-to-reach places. A sliding guide with a magnet at the end will penetrate anywhere: even into the far corner, even on the top shelf of the rack.
A telescopic collector is convenient for collecting iron debris and hardware. They moved them along the floor, workbench or shelf – and all the pieces of iron are neatly assembled.

Forceberg magnets and magnetic products are available in stock and on order in the CHIP and DIP catalog.