GF1 series solid-state relays manufactured by GREEGOO

Твердотельные реле серии GF1 производства GREEGOO

A solid–state relay is an electronic device that gradually replaces the usual electromagnetic relays and contactors. The advantages of solid-state relays have already been sufficiently described. Let's focus on the features of the use of solid-state relays.

Firstly, solid-state relays are designed, as a rule, for mounting on a plane (panel). Secondly, the connection of the contact elements of a solid-state relay to the wires is usually made using screw clamps. And thirdly, the control of a solid-state relay is not performed with a fixed voltage, as is the case with electromagnetic relays, but is in the voltage range of direct or alternating currents. For example, in the range from 3 to 32V DC.

These features, in certain circumstances, significantly reduce the scope of solid-state relays.

GF1 series solid-state relays manufactured by the Chinese company GREEGOO are also designed for panel mounting, like most solid-state relays. But the dimensions of the housing are much smaller than standard solid-state relay housings. Thus, the overall dimensions of these relays are only 35.6 by 18.8mm.

Overall dimensions of the relay

Габаритные размеры реле серии GF1 производства GREEGOO

The second difference affecting the operation of the GF1 relay is the way the conductors are connected to the relay contact elements. In the relays of this series, the conductors are switched using standard knife contacts with a contact part width of 6mm. This solution allows you to install and replace the relay with minimal cost, because it does not require wire preparation and the use of special tools. The relay contact elements are located parallel to the mounting plane, which ensures a minimum depth of the device in which these relays are used.

Finally, these relays are controlled by a fixed DC voltage, which makes it possible to replace electromagnetic relays with GF1 solid-state relays without changing the functional control circuit.

GF1 relays are available in two versions – with a transition "through zero" (Zero-Cross), and the so-called "random" operation (RANDOM). Like most solid-state relays, GF1 relays are polarized, i.e. the polarity must be observed when connecting the relay.

Switching scheme

Схема коммутации серии GF1 производства GREEGOO

Main technical parameters

ModelLoad current, AControl voltage, V DCSwitching voltage, In ACSwitching typeThe algorithm of operation
GF1R28D15N1524 (21 - 27)24 - 280Random1 lock.
GF1R28D25N2524 (21 - 27)24 - 280Random1 lock.
GF1R28L15N155 (4 -8)24 - 280Random1 lock.
GF1R28L25N255 (4 -8)24 - 280Random1 lock.
GF1R28M15N1512 (10 - 14)24 - 280Random1 lock.
GF1R28M25N2512 (10 - 14)24 - 280Random1 lock.
GF1Z28D15N1524 (21 - 27)24 - 280Zero Cross1 lock.
GF1Z28D25N2524 (21 - 27)24 - 280Zero Cross1 lock.
GF1Z28L15N155 (4 -8)24 - 280Zero Cross1 lock.
GF1Z28L25N255 (4 -8)24 - 280Zero Cross1 lock.
GF1Z28M15N1512 (10 - 14)24 - 280Zero Cross1 lock.
GF1Z28M25N2512 (10 - 14)24 - 280Zero Cross1 lock.