Tuning resistors from JB Capacitors Company


Podstroechnye rezistory ot JB Capacitors Company

A tuning resistor is a mini version of an alternating resistor. They are designed to be installed directly on a printed circuit board and are adjustable only when the circuit is configured. For example, to adjust the sensitivity of some sensor or to set the gain of a power amplifier. To adjust the tuning resistor, you need a small screwdriver or something similar to it.

Tuning resistors can be single-turn and multi-turn, made according to the principle of worm gear.

Multi-turn tuning resistors are used in those sections of the circuit where precision precision is needed in setting the desired resistance. They are often found in electronic equipment, in measuring instruments. Their mechanism allows you to precisely adjust the resistance, and the number of revolutions is measured in several tens. The worm gear makes it possible to turn slowly and smoothly move the sliding contact along the resistive track, so that the circuits are adjusted very precisely.

It is impossible to achieve high tuning accuracy with single-turn tuning resistors. They are not designed to change resistance frequently. Their wear resistance is limited to tens to hundreds of working cycles.

The CHIP and DIP company has expanded the range in the section of tuning resistors with the JBR series from the JB Capacitors Company. These ceramic-metal resistors for THT mounting are of high quality and affordable prices.

The main characteristics of the tuning resistors

PhotoSeriesEffective angle of rotationResistance rangeRated powerAllowanceTemperature rangeResource
Podstroechnye rezistory serii 3006P3006Pmulti-turn100 ohms... 5 mOhms0.75 W10%-55°C...125°C200 cycles
Podstroechnye rezistory serii 3266W3266Wmulti-turn10 ohms... 5 mOhms0.25 W10%-55°C...125°C200 cycles
Podstroechnye rezistory serii 3296W3296Wmulti-turn10 ohms... 5 mOhms0.5 W10%-55°C...125°C200 cycles
3306F3306F260°100 Ohms... 1 mOhm0.2 W25%-30°C...100°C200 cycles
Podstroechnye rezistory serii 3329H3329H230°100 Ohms... 2 mOhms0.5 W10%-55°C...125°C200 cycles
Podstroechnye rezistory serii 3362P3362P220°10 ohms... 5 mOhms0.25 W10%-55°C...125°C200 cycles