Starting Capacitors for JFS Motors by JB Capacitors


One of the most popular capacitors from JB Capacitors is the JFS series starting capacitors , which are designed for use in motor starting circuits and have a number of properties for this. JSF capacitors are made using film technology, which allows them to self-heal and helps protect the capacitor from failure. The second property of film capacitors is their high thermal stability, which allows for the longest possible life in high voltage circuits.

In the JFS series of starting capacitors, there are three types of capacitors according to the type of execution (case). The first type of execution type CBB60 , capacitors of this variety have a cylindrical plastic case. This group is represented by the most popular and demanded types JFS-10 ... JFS-21, which differ in overall dimensions for each type depending on the capacity.

Appearance of CBB60 package type start capacitors

The second variety is CBB61 . Capacitors of this type have a rectangular plastic case (rectangular parallelepiped). In this variety, capacitors of types JFS-B, JFS-C, JFS-D, JFS-5 ... JFS-9 are produced.

Appearance of CBB61 package type start capacitors

The third type of execution CBB65 - capacitors are made in a cylindrical aluminum case. This variety also includes the popular types JFS-22 ... JFS-26, which differ both in overall dimensions and in the shape and arrangement of pins, also of different capacities.

Appearance of CBB65 package type start capacitors

All JFS series start capacitors feature low dissipation factor, good self-healing performance, high insulation resistance, high reliability and safety.

Main Specifications of JFS Series Starting Capacitors

  • Capacitance ranges by types of capacitors:
    1uF…100uF (JFS-10…JFS-21);
    1uF…20uF (JFS-B…JFS-D, JFS-5…JFS-9);
    2uF…100uF (JFS-22…JFS-26).
  • Capacitance tolerance: J (±5%), K (±10%).
  • Rated voltage: 250V, 450V (AC) - for JFS-B…JFS-D, JFS-5…JFS-21; 370V (AC) - for JFS-22…JFS-26.
  • Operating temperature range: -40°S…+85°S.
  • Dissipation factor: ≤0.004 1kHz (JFS-10…JFS-21); ≤0.003 1kHz (JFS-B…JFS-D, JFS-5…JFS-9); ≤0.004 100Hz (JFS-22…JFS-26).

More detailed technical parameters are presented in the documentation for the JFS series starting capacitors.