Interference-suppressing capacitors of class X2 from JB Capacitors


Помехоподавляющие конденсаторы класса X2 от JB Capacitors

JB Capacirors produces capacitors of the JFW series - these are protection capacitors of class X2. Capacitors of this type are designed to suppress powerful electromagnetic interference, are connected between phases and are used to suppress common-mode interference, which can be caused by switching processes or, for example, lightning discharge. They meet the most stringent requirements of VDE, ENEC, UL standards.

The JFW series capacitors are designed for operating voltages up to 310 VAC, have a nominal capacitance range from 0.0047 UF to 10 UF, a terminal spacing from 10 mm to 37.5 mm and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +110°C. In addition, these polypropylene dielectric capacitors (MKP) exhibit excellent self-healing properties even in cases of overvoltage.

The JFW series is an analog and an excellent alternative to such series of capacitors of well-known brands:

EpcosB32921, B32922, B32923, B32924
PilkorPCX2 337, PCX2 339
EvoxRifaPHE 840M, PHE 840E
VishayMKP 3382, MKP 3392
WimaMP3 X2, MKP X2
IskraKNB 153X, KNB 156X

Capacitors of this series are used in alternating current circuits and are designed to suppress electromagnetic interference that occurs in the network during operation of switching power supplies, welding equipment, powerful generators, various electric machines, power switching switches, powerful relays and other industrial electrical devices.

Parameters of the JFW series

Operating temperature:-40°C...+110°C
Rated voltage:310 VAC
The range of denominations:0.0047UF ... 10 UF
Tolerance of capacity deviation:±10%
Insulation resistance:CR ≤0.33uF, I.R≥ 15,000MOhm
CR 0.33uF, I.R≥ 5,000 S 20 100V, 1min
Dispersion coefficient:0.0010 UF ≤ CR ≤ 0.47UF ≤0.1% (1 kHz, 20°C)
0.47 UF ≤ CR ≤ 1.0 UF ≤0.2% (1 kHz, 20°C)
1.0 UF ≤ CR ≤ 10mkF ≤0.3% (1 kHz, 20°C)