JL World Sound Emitters


JL World is a Chinese manufacturer of acoustic electronic components, founded in 2000 in Hong Kong. The company specializes in the production of electromagnetic transducers, piezoelectric elements, micro-speakers, transceivers and microphones, and has established itself as a reliable supplier for a long time.

Sound emitters create a clearly distinguishable sound signal of a constant frequency and are used to give signals in various applications: computer equipment, telecommunications equipment, communications equipment, weighing and cash equipment, consumer and automotive electronics.

The determining parameters for the choice of sound emitters are:

  • Dimensions. Since all sound emitters are PCB-mounted devices, the overall dimensions and direction of sound output from the emitter are important factors for choosing one or another model in each case of use.
  • Supply voltage - allows you to select the emitter for almost any nominal voltage of the device, including for microcontroller devices with reduced power supply.
  • resonant frequency. The distinguishability of different sound signals by the human ear is directly dependent on the frequency of the tone, respectively, making a choice in favor of one or another frequency, you can determine the different accents of perception of the given sound signal and the reaction to it.

Sound emitters manufactured by JL World of various designs are widely represented in the assortment of our company:

Electromagnetic emitters are the most numerous and demanded group of sound emitters. JL World electromagnetic transducers reproduce very clear and loud sound in a narrow range in the resonant frequency region. Their use requires an external generator operating at the frequency of the emitter. The higher its stability, the clearer and louder the sound.

Electromagnetic emitters JL World

Electromagnetic transducers with built-in oscillator - These transducers require only a constant voltage source to operate, which may be more convenient in some applications, such as analog circuits or devices with simplified circuitry.

Electromagnetic Emitters with Built-in Generator JL World

Piezoelectric emitters - have a slightly different structure from electromagnetic emitters due to the use of a piezoelectric element in their composition. As a result, the current consumption of the emitter is much less than that of electromagnetic emitters, but the choice of resonant frequency is also significantly narrowed. In our assortment there are models both without a generator and with a built-in generator in the composition.

Piezoelectric Transducers JL World

More detailed technical characteristics are presented in Specifications for sound emitters on the product page.