Cylindrical connectors KLS15-RCS01


Цилиндрические соединители KLS15-RCS01, 10 и 19 контактовЦилиндрические соединители KLS15-RCS01, 4 и 7 контактов

Cylindrical connectors of the KLS15-RCS01 series manufactured by the Chinese company NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO.LTD are designed to work in DC, AC and pulse current circuits. Their small size and weight make it possible to use these connectors in a wide variety of electromechanical devices. The connectors have a threaded connection with single-pin polarization.

The connectors consist of a leaky instrument plug and a leaky cable outlet. In turn, the socket can be supplied with or without a casing. The instrument plug is supplied without a casing, but can be completed separately with a casing of the appropriate size.

The connector housing is made in a current-conducting design. The coating of the KLS15-RCS01 connector contacts is gold. Despite the fact that the connectors are designed primarily for indoor installation, they have an IP68 protection degree and can withstand immersion in water to a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes.

The connectors are complete analogues of domestic low-frequency connectors of the RS series, and are manufactured in accordance with Russian standards.

Main technical characteristics

ModelConnector TypeMountingNumber of contactsThe casingThe Russian equivalent
KLS15-RCS01-PC4TSocketOn the cable4There areRS4TV socket with casing
KLS15-RCS01-PC4FSocketOn the cable4NoRS4TV socket
KLS15-RCS01-PC4CThe casingRS4 casing
KLS15-RCS01-PC4BForkTo the panel4NoRS4TV Plug
KLS15-RCS01-PC7TSocketOn the cable7There areRS7TV socket with casing
KLS15-RCS01-PC7FSocketOn the cable7NoRS7TV socket
KLS15-RCS01-PC7CThe casingRS7 casing
KLS15-RCS01-PC7BForkTo the panel7NoRS7TV Plug
KLS15-RCS01-PC10TSocketOn the cable10There areRS10TV socket with casing
KLS15-RCS01-PC10FSocketOn the cable10NoRS10TV socket
KLS15-RCS01-PC10CThe casingPC10TB casing
KLS15-RCS01-PC10BForkTo the panel10NoRS10TV Plug
KLS15-RCS01-PC19TSocketOn the cable19There areRS19TV socket with casing
KLS15-RCS01-PC19FSocketOn the cable19NoRS19TV socket
KLS15-RCS01-PC19CThe casingCasing RS19
KLS15-RCS01-PC19BForkTo the panel19NoRS19TV plug

For all models:
Operating voltage 250V
Operating current 5A
Operating temperature -55...125°C
Atmospheric pressure 101.33~6.7 kPa
Vibration, acceleration 10 - 2000 Hz, 196m/sec2